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3D Printing in Reading

Here at Woodborough House Dental Practice we are committed to embracing the latest, most innovative dental technology available. This helps us make your visits more comfortable, and less taxing. Our highly experienced dental team is proud to bring to you the latest in 3D scanning, the Objet30 Orthodesk. We understand that this may mean nothing to you at this moment in time, but bear with us; we will explain why it’s vital in our work to construct the perfect braces for you.

The Objet 30 Orthodesk is the first professional compact 3D printer. 3D printers help us dentists work more efficiently, cutting the time it takes to make a mould of your tooth impressions and making your visits less time consuming. We no longer have to mess around obtaining the perfect mould in your mouth as all this can now be done with a quick scan of the inside of your mouth – a relief for everyone.

The results of your scan are shown through a computer and this allows our highly trained dentists to explain how things work with much greater clarity. This is important, as it’s often nervous patients who worry about the unknown when it comes to dentistry. The Objet 30 Orthodesk helps to eliminate confusion between patient and dentist.

We can create the full range of orthodontic appliances much faster, which cuts your treatment time down and helps us bring you faster results.

It’s not just orthodontics our 3D scanning takes care of. It helps us make the perfect bridges and crowns with greater accuracy and less discomfort.

What are the benefits of the Objet30 Orthodesk?

  • It allows our dental team to design and build detailed, accurate images which helps us detect any structural problems within the bite which may need correcting.
  • We can use the scanner to see how treatment is working in greater detail.
  • Orthodontics becomes more accessible to our patients through the use of 3D imaging making it easier to explain and understand respectively. Nervous patients especially find this eases their worries when they have a greater understanding of what goes on.
  • Mistakes are dramatically reduced trough the use of detailed top of the line 3D Scanning equipment.
  • High quality technology such as this helps to relax our patients as it helps our dentists develop trust with patients when they see we only use the best technology available with anything regarding their health.
  • The Objet 30 Orthodesk is a more affordable way of manufacturing orthodontics appliances.

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