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A brand new smile!

I popped in to Sarah’s surgery today, to see how one of our lovely young patients was getting on with her fixed braces. She works in the village, and has had her braces on for quite a long time now. I actually had mine fixed around the same time as her, so it was a race to the finish line! She has now had them removed and they look fab!! I cant believe what a difference the braces has made to her smile. It may seem like a marathon when you have fixed braces, but the results at the end of the treatment is well worth it. Having fixed braces is a big commitment, and special care needs to be taken when having them on. Good oral hygiene is so important when wearing braces, and making sure you attend all appointments at your orthodontist is also really important. You get to know your orthodontist well as you will be there every 6-8 weeks. She is so pleased with her straighter smile that she has now decided to have them whitened.

If you are interested in having your teeth straightened with either fixed or removable braces, or you would like to have your teeth whitened then please talk to our team.

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