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Accounting for Dental Phobia!

In our latest blog post, accounts manager Sam talks about overcoming her dental phobia when she joined the Woodborough House team!

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Hearing that I was due to join the staff at Woodborough House, nearly 3 years ago, caused great amusement to my friends and family.  Those that know me well, were very aware of my lifelong dental phobia. The very mention of the “D” word would have me running for the hills, so crossing the threshold of my nemesis on a daily basis was going to be something of a personal triumph.

Of course my secret was soon out, and it wasn’t long before I found myself lured into a surgery by Sen’s calm and quiet manner, and a few kind words of encouragement from his nurse led me to the dreaded chair.  Some 20 minutes later, I left having experienced no pain, no drills, no sharp instruments and no gasps of horror, just a thorough examination and some gentle words of reassurance!  It was an epiphany: dentists really don’t hurt!!

My new found enthusiasm for all things dental, led me next to Helen the hygienist, who talked me through every step of the clean, and left me with a new fresh smile and some great words of advice.

Thanks to my lovely colleagues, my dental future is now bright and fearless!  I wonder if they can cure my fear of heights too!

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