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Acid Attack!

We have a poorly nurse in the building today. Our very own Steph is complaining (sorry I mean airing her views) about erosion on her teeth. Erosion is usually seen on the inside surfaces of our front teeth. There are several different factors that contribute towards tooth erosion, and I definately know what is causing Stephs……………………. Fizzy pop!! Erosion is almost always associated with high acidity. Watching what we eat and drink can help reduce tooth erosion dramatically. Often, frequent sipping of carbonated drinks or regular consumption of citrus fruits/drinks can cause tooth loss. Another factor is acid reflux. Regurgitation of stomach acids can cause the tooth to wear, sometimes without the patient being very aware of it. The features of tooth erosion can be a smooth, polished appearance to the tooth, or the shape of the tooth is lost or shallow depressions appear.

We are all guilty of “grazing” on our can of fizzy drink at our desks, and children and teenagers are especially prone to sipping on the fizzy stuff, so please be aware of what you, friends and family are doing simply from drinking. If you can’t break the habit or change routines, good old H2o is great for rinsing out after consuming acidic or fizzy food/drinks. The water helps neutralise the mouth. Sugar free gum is also great for this.

If you want to discuss Tooth erosion with your dentist, Hygienist or one of our nurses then just ask! We are here to help 😉

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