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Blown away by iTero

Yes I know. I keep banging on about iTero but…………….. ITS GREAT! The dentists at WH are now all fighting to use it. Nick was scanning 2 patients yesterday, and then Sarah was fighting for it in between.

We are starting to notice (now that we know how to use it) exactly the kind of things it can do to help us and our patients. Yesterday, we had a lovely lady who is having some extensive cosmetic work done with Nick. She has only a few teeth left in the upper jaw, and between having teeth extracted and implants placed, we needed to make her a temporary bridge. We have tried the conventional temporary bridge, but we keep having breaks and it becomes loose, as there such a large space it has to fill. But no fear……. iTero is here! Good old “Lucy Laser” as the girls at WH have come to name her, was able to scan the remaining teeth in the upper jaw, soft tissues and areas where there are missing teeth.With this cad-cam information, the laboratory is then able to make us a much stronger temporary bridge. The patient is happy. We are happy.

We are so excited about the new technology and we love to talk to our patients about it. We are very proud to have this amazing software at Woodborough House and will be using it now and in the future to help make our patients smile one to be proud of.

If you are interested in iTero or would like to know if this technology is suitable for you, please talk to one of our team.

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