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Bye bye broken bridge

We started the day today fixing one of our patients bridge problems. He originally came to see us, as a bridge he had made to replace some missing front teeth, and fallen out. Sometimes, when bridges de-bond the dentists are able to simple “glue it back in”. Unfortunately this time, this was not possible. We discussed with our patient his options, and ideally Dental Implants would have been the most superior way of replacing these missing teeth. He decided, for now, to have a┬ádenture made to replace the missing teeth. We took impressions, and after a lot of blood, sweat and tears at the lab, the final denture is made. He was happy to have his teeth back again. We will be seeing him regualrly for his dental check ups to ensure he is looking after and cleaning his denture correctly.

If you need advice about looking after your dentures or would like to speak to one of our dentists regarding dentures and denture care, then feel free to ask.

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