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A new bit of kit.

We are all very excited at Woodborough House, as we have a new bit of kit coming to […]

Lunch and Learn

Today the girls had a lunch and learn session with our Oral B rep’s. We usually have regular […]

All tied up

Firstly, I want to start the blog by saying a big “ahhhhhhhhhhh” for our Laura. She was merrily […]

Christmas Do (just a little bit late)

We have all been working very hard today at the practice, as we are all finishing at lunchtime […]

It’s a makeover!

We have all been shifting desks, and moving paper work, as today is the start of the office […]

Trouble sleeping?

Many of us don’t want to admit to it, but snoring can cause some people serious distress and […]

I made it!!

I made it everyone!! The snow is crazy in Pangbourne but I managed not to get lost in the knee […]

Protect those knashers!

The kids are back to school (hooray!!) and we are all back to our daily routines. Today Nae has […]

Over and Out

We are all feeling very festive and giddy in Pangbourne today as it is nearly Christmas. Like everyone, […]

A Big Hello from Overseas

We have received an email from our kiwi nurse Steph, telling us all about her time and travels […]

She’s come a long way!

Today has been a very busy day at the practice! Sen and Hayley have had one of their most […]

welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to Woodborough House’s new and improved web site. This is our first ever blog post.  We will […]

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