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Dalek’s down the Line

Many of you may be aware that we now send out reminders, for your appointments, via the telephone. Don’t be afraid, it’s not a Dalek at the end of the line (I have been told by patients that it sounds like one)! It is an automated telephone service that will simply give your name, date of appointment and time. We have had some patients get slightly confused by it, as they receive the message a couple of days before their appointment and then query what day they are due to see us. Don’t worry, your not going mad. The reminder is actually sent out 48 hours before your appointment. We can send this message to either your home telephone, or many people like to have it sent to their mobile. It is very handy for you busy people out there who don’t know whether they are coming on going!

Please let our reception team know what is best for you. We want to do all we can to help

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