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Kirsten Takes Up Dancing!


Since September last year, Lauren and I have started learning to dance! We have both always wanted to do it and thought why not start now? We have been going to adult dance classes in ballet and tap. Ballet is our favourite! Our teacher Monica is such a brilliant teacher and it’s a real confidence boost. Tap is also a lot of fun, Julie teaches that and she has been doing it for years so she is very advanced and a great teacher.

Even though we are still beginners, we learn something new every week and it’s a great feeling to improve our posture and level of fitness. The other girls in our group are such a good laugh too – it’s always lovely to meet new people!

It was like being a kid again going to the dance shop in Caversham to get our brand new tap and ballet shoes, how exciting!

We are going to see some professional dancers in February at The Hexagon in Reading. It’s a ‘Tap Dogs’ show and the Blue Man Group from New York are a part of it. Hopefully we will pick up some new moves from them!

We are due to do an adult dance show in 2015 when we have had more time to improve our skills, so watch this space! 😉

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