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News over breakfast

As I sat down for  breakfast, drinking my mug of tea, I was happy to hear that the breakfast news programme was doing an article on oral hygiene. Yay! Its been proven that people with poor oral hygiene are more prone to heart problems, and disease. People are, and I quote, 70% more likely to develop heart disease if they do not brush there teeth twice  a day. This is big news!

We are all aware of how important eating healthy is, and that exercise will keep us healthy, but not everybody knows how important good oral hygiene and care is. I hear people say all the time “I don’t need to see a hygienist. I know how to clean my teeth”. Even me, as a dental nurse, needs to visit the hygienist, and I am in the profession!

So, to sum things, visiting the dentist and the hygienist regularly is essential. Not only do we want to keep those teeth looking fab, but we want you to remain healthy. If you would like any advice on good oral hygiene, or would like to visit one of our dentists or hygienists then please contact our reception team or nurses. They will be more than willing to help.

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