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Night-time Saviour

Me and Sen saw one of our favourite patients from Tilehurst today, aswell as her cute daughter (who is still very very shy when I try and talk to her). When she comes in for her 6 monthly exam, she always complains about her lower teeth cracking, falling apart or looking “flat”. Sen advised her to invest in a Soft Nightguard. This is an appliance, worn at night, to help stop patients grinding in their sleep. Sometimes we are not even aware that we are doing this! We took impressions, sent them off to the laboratory, and today we fitted the Nightguard. Admittedly, it isn’t the most romantic thing to be wearing when you jump into bed at night, but it will help save those teeth from becoming brittle and cracking in the future. If you are intersted in a Soft Nightguard, then please talk to our dentist. We want to keep those teeth intact, and keep you smiling.

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