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Not his cup of tea.

Coming to the dentist is not everyone’s cup of tea, and at WH we understand that for some people it can be scary and distressing.

Me and Sen recently saw a lovely lady who has been coming to the practice for many years now, but has always been unable to get her young son to come with her. Children are often influenced by how their parents behave at the dentist, or by what they say about visiting the practice. This child had picked up on that vibe.

We don’t want to pressure and push children in to doing things they don’twant to do. That doesn’t help anyone. Instead we invited this young 8 year old to just come in, have a hot chocolate, and to meet me and Sen. We didn’t do any treatment. We didn’t even ask him to sit in the dental chair. We just wanted him to feel more comfortable about being in surgery and being with us. A few days later he came back in to see us. This time for a dental check up. He was so brave. We explained everything to him, showed him all the instruments and materials we use and he was fine. He even managed to have a small filling done!

After over coming his fear of the dentist, and realising that we are not here to hurt or scare him, he promised us that he will always come to his check up appointment. On one condition though…………that I would make him a hot chocolate! I’m sure I can manage that. Its the least we can do.

If you child, or yourself, is afraid or nervous about treatment, then please let our team know. We can do all we can to make your experience less daunting, and make it one that is more relaxed and comfortable. We want to keep you smiling 🙂

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