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Off to have her sprog

We are all sad in the practice today as we will be waving goodbye to our nurse Laura. She is off to have a baby!!! You may have read my previous blog announcing she was pregnant, and yes its that time already. We will be sad to see her go, and it will be very strange not seeing her around the practice. Who am I going to blame the blonde comments¬†on now!¬†What will be do without our Laura?? She is the queen of ordering here at WH, and we always call her if we have a machinery malfunction. She’s the “Jim’ll fix it” of WH.

She is a great member of the team, always smiling, and a real team player. But, don’t worry she will be back. She has promised us. She will be sad to say goodbye to her favourite patients for a few months, but she will come back bearing baby photos to show you all. Good luck to her and the rest of her family, and have a good rest girl!! You will need it xxx

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