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Sealing them up

Sarah has been busy today seeing kids for their 6 monthly dental exam. The hot topic of the day in Sarah’s surgery is fissure sealants! The kids that we have seen today, are just starting to get there adult teeth through. As a preventative measure, it’s a great idea to “seal” the teeth in order to protect them from decay and carious lessions. Kids will be kids, and trying to stop their little teeth from getting decayed can be a hard job for the parents. Placing fissure sealants on their adult teeth will protect them for the future. A few of the children were a little scared when Sarah told them they need to have this done, but I explained to the kids exactly how it is done and how easy it is. We show them the filling material, and set it with our fairy light (curing lights to us). We may have to make a couple of appointments in order to get it all done. The children may get tired or bored, but we will do all we can to make the appointment go as smoothly and as quickly¬†as possible. If they are really good, they may even get a goodie bag!!

Ask your dentist about fissure sealants when you are next in.

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