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After a very stressful and very long journey, Nick is back from his travels. Nick went to Geneva last Wednesday to take part in a very big, annual convention run by the ITI(International Team for Implantology). Dentists, Surgeons, and Specialists from all over the globe meet at these conventions to learn more from each other in regards to implants and implantology. After the drama of the volcano erupting in Iceland, and all airports being closed, Nick was stranded in Geneva. He managed to hire a car, drive to Paris and then catch a train to Calais. He then had to sit in wait for a place on the ferry in order to get back to the UK. Poor Nick! He hasn’t even got time to recover from the long haul trip as he is back in surgery busy with patients tomorrow. Don’t worry Nick, we will have the coffee and Red Bull on stand by 😉

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