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As of May 16th all the way through to June 16th it’s National Smile Month! National Smile Month is run by the British Dental Health Foundation, and is dedicated to improving the publics oral health. The campaign this year is “Teeth4Life. The campaign is set up, to help highlight the importance of maintaining a good oral health, and also raise awareness of the systemic link between good oral health and good overall body health. In order to stay healthy, and to maintain healthy gums and teeth it is essential that you are attending your dental check ups and hygiene appointments. We do have a system at WH where we can send reminders by letter to your home address, so it will remind you when your next check-up or hygiene appointment is due. There is no escaping us!

 With your dentists and hygienists help, teeth can stay healthy for longer. Remember… teeth are for life!

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