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The Itero challenge begins…..

It was an exciting day for us when the new Itero machine arrived at the practice. We all wanted to have a play and get our mitts on the new scanner!

Our reps from Straumann came to introduce us to our new gadget, and spent the day with us explaining how the Itero works and how to use it. It really is quite fantastic, and I don’t think any of us quite expecting how hi-tech and amazing this machine is. When it came to using the machine, we all had to be trained how we use it, how we capture images of the teeth, and how these images can then produce 3D models of the patients teeth and soft tissues. We were all guinea pigs for the day, because in order to train how to use it, we needed to practice on each other. I personally took this opportunity to get my own back on Sen………………only kidding. It took some getting used to, but I think we all got the hang of it in the end. Obviously as we are new to this, it took us longer to complete scans than usual. The rep promised us that eventually, this will become second nature, and our scans will be quick once we have mastered it. She even showed us a clip on YouTube of a dentist in America, who has had the iTero for some time, who completely a full scan of a patients quadrant in 1 minute 9 secs!! That’s it……………….. the heat is on. My mission now is to beat that record 🙂

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