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There is no excuse!

Pregnant women and nursing mothers are an important target group when it comes to giving them oral health advice and care. Good advice and care during and following pregnancy are important to avoid any permanent gingival damage. As my sister has just recently had a baby, and our very own nurse Laura from the practice is pregnant, I am hot on advice for pregnant patients at the moment. You could call me the pregnancy gum guru!

Pregnant patients should always make time for oral care at a time of the day when sickness is not present. There is always an increase risk of caries and tooth erosion when the patient is suffering from morning sickness. Another tip I gave to my sister, is to use a small headed toothbrush. It helped her from feeling nauseous when brushing her teeth. Pregnancy gingivitis also makes the gums sore and bleed, so I would also say use a soft toothbrush with a gentle cleaning motion.  The use of a fluoride toothpaste is beneficial, as this will help prevent decay. Those sugary sweets and chocolates that pregnant women crave are bad news for teeth, so the use of fluoride will help combat decay. One of the most important points to follow, when pregnant, is…………….. don’t forget about us! It is essential that you keep up regular dental check ups and hygiene visits, even when pregnant. There is no excuse!Not only will your dentist be able to keep an eye on those pearly whites and gums, but that can also give you more advice when it comes to looking after your oral health.

If you have any questions then feel free to talk to our dental care professionals. They will be more than happy to help

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