Dental Bridges in Reading

If you are missing a few teeth from your smile, dental bridges are an ideal solution to fill the gaps.

What are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is a structure made up of handcrafted porcelain crowns that are used to replace teeth that have become lost or missing. A bridge is typically attached to two prepared secure teeth or via the use of a dental implant. A bridge will go across the area where there are missing teeth and can be fitted a number of ways depending on the circumstances of each patient. There are four main types of bridge

Fixed Bridge

A fixed bridge is a bridge that is fixed to your mouth by preparing two of your teeth. The bridge is then fitted over the top of both teeth and fixed in place.

Cantilever Bridge

Where it is not possible to secure a bridge at both sides, such as with a back molar tooth, a cantilever bridge is used. Cantilever bridges are secured at one side rather than both, which can allow for some teeth to be replaced without dental implants.

Maryland Bridge

A resin retained bridge (or a Maryland bridge) is sometimes used where the teeth next to the bridge are whole. Rather than being filed, drilled and prepared for a bridge to be placed over them, a Maryland bridge is affixed to the back of the two teeth using resin composite. This means less preparation is needed for a Maryland bridge, but they may not last as long as more conventional bridges.

Implant Retained Bridge

In some cases, where a more permanent or flexible solution is needed, a dental implant can be used. Typically, dental implants are used to fix either a single tooth or an entire arch, but can be used to fit a bridge when it is not possible to use multiple dental implants in a single area.

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