Teeth in a Day in Reading, Berkshire

Teeth in a Day is an innovative dental implant treatment available at Woodborough House Dental Practice. You could walk into the practice in the morning and leave with a brand new smile in the afternoon. We’ve already transformed the lives of thousands of happy patients in Reading, Berkshire with Same Day Implanted Teeth.

Having dental implants fitted can often be a long process, involving numerous return visits, waiting for healing and surgical procedures such as bone grafts where necessary. However, if you elect to have Teeth in a Day treatment, rather than conventional dental implants you can have the dental implants placed and your teeth fitted to the dental implants all in one day.

How is it Possible?

Nick Fahey our specialist prosthodontist works together with a technician on patients that have chosen Teeth in a Day, rather than carrying out their separate parts of the process at different times. Also, the dental implants are different, they are placed using a very specific technique and placed at specific angles which enables us to restore them on the same day.

Who is a Good Candidate for Same Day Teeth in Reading?

If you feel embarrassed about your missing teeth or suffer from loose dentures and want quick, long-lasting results, then Teeth in a Day may be the best option for you. It’s also a great solution for those who have grown tired of wearing dentures and want something more permanent.


Are the results permanent?

Your new teeth can last a lifetime when you look after them well and regularly visit us at Woodborough House for checkups. Dr Nick Fahey is one of the UK’s leading oral surgeons who often receives referrals from other clinics in Reading and Berkshire. He will be able to keep your teeth in great condition for as long as possible.

How much do Teeth in a Day cost in Reading, Berkshire?

The price of Teeth in a Day can vary depending on what each patient requires. For example, in some cases, a full set of teeth may be needed, in others just the lower or upper arch. 

Once you’ve had your first consultation, the dentist will be able to advise you on costs. At Woodborough House, we are competitive on price for Same Day Teeth in Reading, Berkshire. We also have payment plan options available to help you spread the cost over time. One thing we never do is a compromise on quality. We consider ourselves to be great value for money but not cheap because we refuse to cut corners.

Do Same Day Teeth hurt?

There’s generally very little discomfort in modern dentistry thanks to the special techniques used. Most of our patients report that they didn’t feel anything at all during the procedure and there is only minor discomfort in the days that follow treatment.

Will I need any teeth removed?

The same day teeth / teeth in a day procedure involved placing a full arch of upper or lower teeth. If you have some loose or failing teeth that remain in your mouth these will need to be extracted before the placement of dental implants. We would never advise removing healthy teeth to replace them with dental implants.

I’m looking to get same-day teeth in Reading, how do I get started?

The next step is to book your first consultation by calling our friendly team. Alternatively, if you’re local to Reading or in the surrounding Berkshire areas, then you can pop into the practice and speak to one of our team about how same-day teeth could help you.

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The Benefits of Teeth in a Day


As the name suggests, your smile can be completely transformed in just one day. There’s no waiting around for months to get your new smile. 


Results are immediate, and you’ll be able to eat and drink as normal straight after treatment.


Your new teeth will act and look just like natural-looking teeth, allowing you to smile and eat with confidence.

Less Painful

Thanks to treatment techniques that minimise scarring, teeth in a day usually causes minimal discomfort for patients. 

What Does Treatment Involve?


CAT Scan & Examination

The first part of the Teeth in a Day process is having the initial scan of your jaw, and diagnostic planning where we take numerous measurements and plan your case using the latest 3D digital software. This ensures super-accurate placement of your implants in the optimal position.



Your new teeth and framework which will hold your new teeth to the dental implants are manufactured. Every tooth and detail is uniquely crafted for you. The entire manufacturing process is digitally planned to precision using the latest software and technology.



The surgery involved in Teeth in a Day is much less invasive than you would expect from the fitting of dental implants. In a virtually painless procedure the dental implants are placed (according to the digital plan) by our implant dentist and then the newly manufactured teeth are fitted in the same appointment. You will leave the practice with a new set of beautiful and functional teeth. 



You leave the clinic that day being able to enjoy your smile, eat the foods you love and regain your lost confidence. You will never have to worry about loose dentures again.

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