Teeth in a Day in Reading, Berkshire

Teeth in a Day is the latest innovative dental implant treatment to become available at Woodborough House Dental Practice.

Having dental implants fitted can often be a long and drawn-out process, involving numerous return visits and surgical procedures, such as bone grafts where necessary. However, if you elect to have Teeth in a Day treatment, rather than conventional dental implants, in some cases you may only have to visit us three times: once for the initial scan, once more to have the entire set of implants fitted and then a final check-up a few weeks later.

How is it possible?

The restorative dentist and the oral surgeon work together on patients that have chosen Teeth in a Day, rather than carrying out their separate parts of the process at different times. Not only does this cut down the time that you have to spend undergoing treatment, but it also means that you can enjoy a more precise implant placement. ‘Same day teeth’ is not a procedure that we take lightly, you will be examined carefully and thoroughly before we give the go ahead for this treatment. At Woodborough House Dental Practice, we are always searching for treatments that can improve patient care and procedure duration. We see the ability to give you a same day smile as fantastic and we are very proud to be able to offer it to you.

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What does treatment involve?


CAT Scan

The first part of the Teeth in a Day process is having the initial scan of your jaw, which in this case is a detailed CAT scan. This generates a three-dimensional model of your mouth, in order to be able to manufacture the implants ready for when you come in for the fitting.



All of the implants are manufactured together and can be fitted at the same time. The immediate teeth procedure duration can be as short as one hour, if the case is a simple one. The use of technology in this is crucial; giving you a new smile in a day is something we have invested heavily in. Computers aren’t just used in manufacturing the ‘all on 4’ implants, either: the teeth in a day technology, which was developed by Nobel Biocare, actually helps the dentist to fit them too.



The surgery involved in Teeth in a Day is much less invasive than you would expect from the fitting of dental implants. An arthroscope is used – a probe rather like an endoscope – which is inserted into a small incision in the jaw tissue. Less scarring means less pain and swelling, and many patients who have elected to have the Teeth in a Day procedure find that they can do all their usual activities the next day.



Although Teeth in a Day is more expensive than regular dental implants, the time you gain by only spending a few hours in the chair from the start of the treatment to the end is priceless. In addition, the procedure is much safer, less painful and produces consistently better results.

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