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Implant dentistry is in high demand in Reading (Berkshire) and all over the UK. An alternative to removable dentures, dental implants can provide a lasting, comfortable solution for missing teeth. At Woodborough House, implant dentist Nick Fahey is an asset to our Reading (Berkshire) practice because of his extensive training and expertise. Contact our practice to learn more about how you may benefit from dental implants.

Why Choose Dr Fahey to place your Dental Implants?

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Leading Implant Dentist in Reading (Berkshire)

Dr Nick Fahey BDS M.Clin.Dent (Pros), FRACDS, MRD RCS (Ed) Pros, MFDS RCS (Eng)

Placing dental implants requires the training and precision of a highly accomplished implant dentist. In Reading (Berkshire), Dr Nick Fahey brings this level of proficiency to Woodborough House Dental Practice. He is an invaluable addition to our team with his numerous qualifications:

Extensive Experience in Implant Dentistry

In his career as an implant dentist, Dr Fahey has placed more than a thousand implants and gained extensive experience in bone grafting and tissue augmentation.

Extensive Implant Dentistry Training

Dr Nick Fahey hails from New Zealand, where he trained as a dental surgeon. He attended UCL Eastmen Dental Institute for Oral Health Sciences and completed three years of full-time postgraduate work there. He then earned the M.Clin.Dent in fixed and removable prosthetics. He is now a General Dental Council-recognised specialist in prosthodontics and the esteemed implant dentist at Woodborough House in Reading (Berkshire). Currently, dental implants using the Straumann® Implant System, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, and prosthodontics are Dr Fahey”s areas of interest.

Academy Memberships and Posts Held

Dr Fahey’s participation in numerous professional organisations enhances the service he provides his patients. In addition to his training in dental surgery, he has completed the rigorous requirements necessary to become a member of the Restorative Dentistry for the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. He is a member of the Faculty of Dental Surgery for the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgery. Dr Fahey is also a member of multiple accredited dental associations including the Association of Dental Implantology, the International Team for Implantology, and ITI and prosthodontics faculties. He co-founded the New Zealand Dental Society of London and has officiated over the London Dental Study Club. He currently lectures on cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontics, and implant dentistry and maintains professional involvement with charitable societies and organisations in his community.

Our Implant Dentist Provides an Exceptional Dental Experience

While dental implant placement is a minimally invasive procedure, many patients are fearful of undergoing the surgery. Implant dentist Nick Fahey realises this and strives to make his patients as comfortable as possible with his expert diagnosis, precision in surgery, and calming chair side manner.

Media Exposure

Dr Fahey and the rest of the Woodborough House Dental Practice team have been featured in numerous well-known media outlets in the UK and abroad.


Dr Nick Fahey’s skill with implant dentistry has many satisfied patients throughout the UK. Read their patient recommendations for yourself!


Dental implants can transform even the most damaged smiles.

Questions to Ask in Choosing an Implant Dentist

Why choose us for your dental implants?

Woodborough House Dental Practice is proud to extend the services of its hand-picked dental team and implant dentist to patients in Reading (Berkshire). Our team”s training and expertise set it apart from other cosmetic and implant dentistry practices in Reading (Berkshire), since we can address any dental problem right here in our office. The office itself is designed with artful décor and cutting-edge equipment to induce a sense of peace and tranquility.

Is every dentist as good as the other for placing implants?

Since implant dentistry requires great precision in diagnosis and surgical placement, only highly skilled dentists are qualified to work with implants. Since not every implant dentist in Reading (Berkshire) has the same qualifications and experience, your best bet is to contact Woodborough House Dental Practice to schedule a consultation with implant dentist Nick Fahey.

Are all implant systems the same?

Not all dental implant systems are the same. They differ in the materials of which the implant is made, the number of surgeries required to place the implant, and the artificial teeth that can attach to the implant. Woodborough House Dental Practice uses the Straumann® Dental Implant System, one of best implant systems available.

Which implant systems work best and have years of research behind them?

Woodborough House Dental Practive uses the Straumann® Implant System because of its success rate and documented clinical research. Our implant dentist”s experience with these implants echoes the research; Dr Fahey is pleased to provide Straumann® implants because of their background and proven effectiveness.

Contact Our Implant Dentist

At Woodborough House Dental Practice, implant dentist Nick Fahey is pleased to provide Reading (Berkshire)-area patients with premium implant dentistry. In Reading (Berkshire) and throughout the UK, this field of dentistry is growing in popularity as patients” smiles and lives are transformed. Contact Woodborough House Dental Practice to learn more about how you may benefit from dental implants.