Endodontics | Dentist Area

Root canal treatment involves removing damaged or dead nerves and blood vessels in the tooth root that have become infected due to decay, cracks or trauma. The space left is then filled with a material that seals the tooth and keeps it functioning as before. Re-treatment involves the removal of existing root filling material, recleaning the canals and placing new filling material.

Your dentist may well be able to undertake this treatment. Alternatively he or she may refer you to an endodonist (a dentist who specialises in root canal treatment) or to a dentist who limits thier practice to root canal treatment. This step is indicated when the diagnosis is complicated or when treatment is more difficult than normal.

Another reason for referral is because an endodontist, or a dentist who limits thier treatment to root canal treatments, has special equipment, such as an operating microscope, which a general dentist may not have. The whole purpose is to complete treatment as effectively as possible and get you back on the track of routine dental care.