Invisalign & C-fast | Dentist Area

A lot of patients now prefer discreet orthodontic treatment, so that they can get straighter teeth without other people noticing that they are wearing braces. At Woodborough House, we accept referrals for two of the most popular discreet braces available, Invisalign and Cfast.


Due to its discreet appearance, one of the most popular orthodontic treatments available today is Invisalign. All patients that are referred to Woodborough House for Invisalign treatment will be treated by our expert orthodontists.

Firstly, your patient will be given a consultation to talk about exactly how the treatment works and to talk through the benefits. We are happy to answer any questions your patient may have regarding the treatment. Once the patient has decided to go through with treatment, we will take impressions of their teeth in order to design and create the aligner. We will send this precise information over to the Invisalign laboratory in America.

When the aligners have been created, we will invite your patient back to Woodborough House so they can start wearing their first aligner. They will be required to wear each aligner for two weeks before it is replaced with the next aligner in the sequence. After a few weeks, we will arrange another check-up with your patient to make sure that treatment is going as it should and that they are happy with the treatment’s progress.


Another popular discreet orthodontic solution is Cfast. This type of brace is very popular with patients, not just because of its discreet appearance but also because of the quick treatment time – in most cases teeth are straighter in just 6 months, meaning that cost is reduced for the patient as the treatment time is so short.

When you refer your patient to Woodborough House for Cfast treatment, we will first assess whether or not the treatment is suitable for them by examining their bite problems. When your patient has decided to go ahead with the Cfast procedure, we will then take impressions, photos and x-rays of their teeth so that the brace can be manufactured exactly. Your patient will be given the choice of either a fixed brace or a clear, removable brace.

Once the brace has been created, we will invite your patient back to Woodborough House to have it fitted.

To ensure that the treatment is running smoothly, we will invite your patient back again a few weeks into treatment, so that we can check the progress of the treatment and make sure your patient is happy.