Most of our patients receive treatment without having to resort to intravenous sedation with our visiting anesthetist. We pride ourselves on listening carefully to our patient’s needs and progressing with treatment at a pace that is comfortable. There are some circumstances when it is appropriate to offer oral or even intravenous sedation as a further means of enabling patients to feel fully relaxed and confident to progress with their treatment, particularly for those individuals who are very nervous of having dental treatment.

Our dentists are able to offer sedation for patients who are particularly nervous of dental treatment.

Sedation can take the form of a tablet taken shortly before treatment that ease feelings of tension or anxiety.

Intravenous sedation is also available, administered by our visiting anesthetist. It involves a drug being administered intravenously directly into the blood supply. It is a painless procedure that leaves patients feeling relaxed and sleepy and able to tolerate lengthy periods of treatment without having to feel anxious or stressed.