Endodontics Treatment in Reading

Endodontics is also referred to as root canal treatment, and is designed to treat teeth that have become infected, as well as preventing the onset of further infections.

Infections in the teeth are caused when:

  • Teeth are damaged by trauma
  • Teeth are affected by decay
  • Fillings in the teeth have broken or leaked

What does root canal treatment involve?

During root canal treatment at Woodborough House Dental Practice, we will remove dead or damaged nerve vessels in the root of the tooth that have been subject to infection due to trauma, cracks or decay. The space that’s left by the removal of these vessels will then be filled in with a sealing material that allows the tooth to function as it did before it became infected.

Re-treatment may be necessary, and includes the elimination of any existing root filling material so that the canals can be re-cleaned before new filling material is placed.

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