Piezosurgery in Reading

Woodborough House Dental Practice is committed to seeking out the latest innovations in dental surgery to provide our patients with the best, most sought after surgery available.

By utilising the benefits of Piezosurgery our dental implant experts can offer our patients safe, reliable surgery, guided by our specialist hands.

The versatility of this device allows for its use in a number of advanced bone-related surgical procedures. Dental implantology, cranialfacial and maxilliofacial surgeries can all be undertaken using this technology through the use of high speed movements to make accurate incisions.

Why Do We Use Piezosurgery?

Piezosurgery allows our dental experts greater clarity of vision whilst performing surgery and helps to avoid the risk of damage to the surrounding bone tissue. This technology can perform with micrometric sensitivity further improving the likelihood of successful surgery. Patients also experience greater comfort during procedures as there is an absence of tiny macro-vibrations traditionally associated with older bone surgery devices.

Why Might You Need Bone Surgery?

If you require dental implants for teeth which are missing, you may require healthy bone to be grafted from the surrounding jaw and placed into the implant socket. Dental implants are used to provide greater structure to the bite along with increasing a patient’s self-confidence and sense of self worth. With Piezosurgery, bone graft procedures along with other complex dental surgeries can be performed with greater accuracy, with greater safety and with greater success.

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What Are The Advantages Of Piezosurgery?

Heal faster

Faster healing times

Less risk

Less risk of damage to the surrounding area

Greater comfort

Greater comfort in surgery whilst under local anaesthesia

Reach more areas

The functionality of Piezosurgery allows our dental experts to make inserts at different angles, making it much easier to get to hard to reach areas.

Blood loss less likely

Blood loss is less likely through the cavitation effect.

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