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Sometimes, your smile can look and feel like time has taken its toll. Whether it’s missing teeth or ill-fitting old dentures getting you down, All-On-4 treatment can genuinely change your life.

If you’re considering getting treatment with All-On-4, it’s worth doing your research in advance. Here at Woodborough House, we’ve compiled our reasons to consider getting All-On-4 treatment.

What is All-On-4?

All-On-4 is a treatment that uses dental implants to hold your smile firmly in place. Implants are fine lengths of titanium that are placed into pre-drilled sockets in your jaw.

These titanium bases can then have dentures, crowns and bridges attached to them. That means the treatment gives you a fully functioning smile that acts exactly like a normal tooth.

All-On-4 treatment is super effective. It can make you confident about your smile and give your teeth long-lasting function, strength and support. So, here’s why we think you should consider getting All-On-4 treatment.

1. You won’t find a more secure smile

Titanium is biocompatible. That means it’ll fuse with your bone creating firm and strong foundations for the rest of your smile.

You’ll no longer have to worry about dentures that slide around in your mouth or loose teeth affecting what you eat. With All-On-4 treatment, you can get back to chewing and eating the things you love, thanks to the complete smile stability that All-On-4 treatment can provide.

2. It’s a long-term solution

If you look after your All-On-4 implants, they can last a lifetime. At Woodborough House, oral surgeon Dr Nick Fahey is one of the UK’s leading clinicians and provides life-changing treatments like the All-On-4.

To keep them lasting a long time, you don’t actually have to do anything special. You need to keep up a good oral hygiene routine like you would with your normal teeth. That means brushing, flossing and using mouthwash as often as you can.

3. Treatment is Quick

One of the main selling points for All-On-4 treatment is the fast turnaround time. Treatment is super quick and can be done in as little as two appointments. That’s because while most implant treatments use 6-10 titanium implants to replace a whole arch of teeth, All-On-4 only uses 4. 

We’ll focus on the teeth seen when you smile, meaning your smile will look beautiful in no time. 

4. Comfort. Comfort. Comfort.

One of the best things about All-On-4 treatment is that your new smile is made custom for you. Clinical dental technicians will create your new teeth in a lab using impressions we’ve taken.

Then, when placing your implants, we’ll use x-rays to meticulously position the titanium rods so you can get the best fit for ultimate comfort. This also ensures you won’t experience any discomfort below your gum line.

Thinking About Getting All-On-4?

You should always make sure your dentist is qualified and trusted to do a great job with implants. After all, you’re going to have them for a long time! So, if you’re considering getting treatment with All-On-4, look no further than Woodborough House.

Here at Woodborough House, we have one of the UK’s leading oral surgeons, Dr Nick Fahey performing our treatments involving implants. 

For once in a lifetime treatment, contact Woodborough House today and determine how we can change your life with All-On-4.

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