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Here are a few testimonials from our lovely patients

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Happy customers on social media

A huge thank you for all the work you have done making my mouth more comfortable and enabling me to eat on my right side with my new implants(first time in 20 years!!) – I love them! Thank you again so very much.

Another special thank you to Cathy and Leah. Without Cathy I may not have been brave enough to go through my treatments at the beginning but she gave me the confidence to proceed. She is an amazing lady. I was also very thankful to Leah as on one occasion I was not too good and I knew Leah noticed as without any fuss or other patients noticing, Leah suggested I may prefer a separate room. This she swiftly organised and Cathy came to my rescue again with her care and understanding. This meant so much to me and put me at ease so I could continue with my treatment.

All your team in their own way have played a massive part for me and I just want you to know what a fantastic team you have, though I’m guessing you already know.

I have recently completed a course of treatment at Woodborough House and am more than satisfied with the outcome. The care and expertise of the whole team has been exemplary.

Nick Fahey has restored my lower jaw and given me three implants which look and feel like my own. My chewing power has been restored too, along with the balance and appearance of my mouth and jaw. I am delighted!

Visits for dental care and specialist treatments are all carried out with friendly, caring, professional expertise making you feel special and that your own best dental interests are paramount. This gives you confidence to proceed with solutions to all aspects of dental work.

My personal thanks to Sarah, Nick and L’ren for ensuring my dental health has been brought up to ‘best possible’ and for keeping me on track with my cleaning.

Thanks also to the front desk staff with Cathy and Leah who take pride in providing an efficient, relaxed atmosphere for all when visiting.

I would particularly like to thank Cathy, Nav and Holly for their fantastic treatment and approach to my care.

I was extremely anxious prior to my arrival following some unpleasant experiences many years ago. The experience at your practice from arrival to departure was reassuring throughout. Despite the discomfort that I was experiencing, the team managed the consultation as a new patient very well and provided clear but supportive information at each step. Nav outlined the findings of the examination and explained a proposed path for my treatment going forward, including the opportunity of an immediate procedure. Again whilst this was an anxious time for me, the approach and people enabled me to agree with the plan and undertake the procedure yesterday. The management of the sedation and post procedure medication was once again handled in a very reassuring manner.I am now confident that the team can provide me with a treatment plan that takes into account my anxious state… Please pass on my sincere thanks to the members of the team.

I just wanted to write and thank you greatly for the wonderful treatment received by you and the great staff at Woodborough House.

When I accidentally knocked a few teeth out some time ago, I never dreamed that the long term affects would mean that I would be put in the situation of having to consider cosmetic dental treatment. It was only then that it dawned on me that I had an even bigger problem of dealing with my dilemma and guessing where I could go. In all of 60 years I never had much luck with my dentists, until the day I came across Woodborough House Dental Practice in Pangbourne. After the first appraisal of my situation, I knew that I was very fortunate to walk through the doors of such a good dental practice. I was immediately put at ease and left with an easy decision to make, even though my case was a little complex. I was secure in the knowledge that I was in the right hands, and heartfelt knew that excellent treatment would follow. I was not wrong. Today, I have a full mouth full of lovely teeth, I can happily smile and much to my delight can eat well again. With that all said, I could not conclude this letter without referring to the wonderful greeting I received on every visit from the delightful girls on reception and of course from the lovely Mandy.

Thank you again for all your personal attention to my case.

I am starting to get used to my new “smile” – and liking it!

I wondered why several people have commented how well I look (when I actually I know that I do not, having had a cold or cough or something ever since Christmas and am definitely not looking at my best!) and can only think it must be the “smile”. They know there is something different but they cannot work out what – which is just how I wanted it to look! So thank you very much for all your hard work – I am delighted with the results. It was definitely worth the two trips to London to see Rob (I have emailed him to thank him too), not to mention the hours you put in. Please pass on my thanks to Mandy too, for being so nice and caring – a reassuring “chairside” manner! And let’s not forget Sarah – please thank her for encouraging me to go down this route! Many thanks again (and for the bubbly – I certainly had something to celebrate!)

I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to give feedback because I was delighted with the process and outcome. I almost miss the regular visits to the practice… almost..!

The treatment itself was, along with all visits to the practice, simply the best I have ever had. You listen, discuss and clearly seek the very best for the patient, giving options and avoiding any unnecessary or non-time-sensitive treatment until required.

The implant process was exceptional. Whilst knowing almost nothing about dentistry, I know what feels right, and certainly when it feels wrong. The course of treatment to achieve the implants was carried out by Nick with the greatest of care, minimising discomfort and recovery period. The most fulfilling and rewarding experience came at the end. Within just a few hours of receiving the final implants I was eating as normal. And perhaps the greatest compliment I can make is that whilst the two implants filled a big gap which I had lived with frustratingly for several years, after the implants were fitted it felt so normal that it seemed you had actually done nothing… a paradoxical outcome from such a major change and benefit from the treatment!