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The Natural Selection

If you live with loose or missing teeth, poorly fitting dentures or advanced oral health problems, you’ll know it’s a problem that reaches much deeper than the face you show to the world.

Suppose you could choose your adult teeth all over again. If you had a selection of the world’s most stunning smiles to choose from, chances are you’d pick teeth by Woodborough’s Nick Fahey.

For Nick, implant dentistry is more than just a simple smile restoration. It’s a truly transformative treatment that brings newfound confidence, projects inner and outer wellbeing, and feels like the gift of a brand new lease of life.


World-Leading Expertise

Led by registered prosthodontic specialist Dr Nick Fahey, our implantology team is made up of clinicians who witness first-hand the life-changing power of dental implants every day.

And whether they are carrying out simple single-tooth and dental crown implants or complex full-mouth rehabilitation, you’ll find the same signature quality and attention to detail in every single treatment.


One-Up on Mother Nature

The treatment replaces the teeth’s natural roots with small titanium implants seated in the jaw to support new teeth. We choose titanium for its strength and lightness. It is also biocompatible, so it fuses naturally with the jaw to form a strong, long-lasting bond.

Nick and the team work hand-in-hand with experienced clinical dental technicians using state-of-the-art digital smile design and computer-guided surgical techniques.

Together they craft a replacement smile in lifelike composite or porcelain that is the closest you can get to natural teeth and an improvement on nature’s own work.


Now Available in One Day

With Same Day Teeth immediate-load implants, we can now carry out stunning smile transformations in a single day.

Sometimes referred to as All-On-Four, Same Day Teeth achieve the same brilliant stability and longevity you could expect from conventional treatment while halving the number of implants required.

Expect to spend less time in the chair and a much-improved recovery time. With Same-Day Teeth and All-On-Four, you can go back to smiling, laughing, loving and enjoying your favourite food from the moment you leave the clinic.


Can’t Have Implants?

Our implant patients include many who have been turned away by dental teams elsewhere because of poor jaw health or the sheer complexity of treatment required.

If you are one of them, we can help.

Nick and the team enjoy years of experience using advanced techniques like zygomatic implants, bone grafting and sinus lifts to transform the lives of patients who believed their smiles were beyond the point of no return.

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Start your new smile with implants from specialist Nick and the Woodborough House team.

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