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Introducing ICON White Spot Removal

You may have a near flawless smile, but small white spots brought about by a mineral deficiency in your teeth can really shake your self-esteem. Standard whitening treatments don’t fix this problem as the spots will always be at least one shade lighter than your teeth.

Whether your spots have been there for years, or have recently appeared on your teeth, we can address this with a simple non-invasive cosmetic procedure; ICON white spot removal.


What Causes White Spots?

There are several different causes of white spots or mottling on your teeth and these can affect you at various stages of your life.

  • If you’ve previously worn fixed braces, you may have visible patches on your teeth where the brackets once sat. This decalcification of your teeth can knock your confidence, and ruin your impression of your almost perfect healthy teeth.
  • But it’s not just brace wearers that experience this, fluorosis brought about by an overconsumption of fluoride during adolescence can lead to white spots.
  • Complications or illness during pregnancy can lead to the child’s teeth developing white spots and a mottled appearance.
  • A condition called Molar Incisor Hypoplasia can make the enamel of a tooth more susceptible to developing white spots.
  • A high-sugar diet.
  • Genetics.
  • Conditions such as acid reflux, coeliac disease, or tetracycline.

What Is ICON White Spot Removal?

In just one appointment, we’ll be able to provide you with instantaneous long-lasting results. The process involves us applying the ICON gel to your teeth. This opens up the tooth’s pores and allows the light-cured ICON infiltrant resin to penetrate.

ICON is safe, reliable, and painless. Each tooth will take roughly 15 minutes to treat, and amazing results can be achieved in just one application.

Let Us Add the Detail to Your Smile

Our highly-skilled team of dentists have access to some of the most innovative technology in dentistry. We make use of the very latest advancements to provide unparalleled service to you. To learn more about ICON white spot removal, and to book your appointment, get in touch today.

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