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No one wants bad breath. But, many of us don’t realise that we regularly consume things that are triggers of smelly breath.

There’s plenty of things to do to get rid of bad breath, but why not take measures to lessen it in the first place? Here are five surprising foods that give you bad breath and some ways to make it easier to avoid them altogether.

Citrus Fruits

Bacteria that cause bad smells love acidic environments. If you eat plenty of sour citrus fruits, it’s more than likely you’ve suffered from bad breath from time to time due to the increased chance of acid reflux.

Also, if you’re prone to acid reflux, you might want to pay attention. Acid reflux can cause acids to flow back into your throat, which often causes a smelly breath. Gross, right?

Luckily, there are ways to lessen your chances of acid reflux. As well as avoiding eating a ton of acidic foods like citrus fruits, you can avoid lying down immediately after you eat – it’s recommended that you wait two to three hours. 

Eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of three big meals could also help, as well as propping your head up slightly while you sleep and chewing gum. 


Most dairy products run the risk of giving you a less than pleasant odour on your breath. But, milk is good for your teeth, right? Correct. But, the bacteria in dairy products create hydrogen sulphide.

Unfortunately, hydrogen sulphide smells like rotten eggs. Even more, flossing or using mouth wash won’t get rid of this bacteria. You should always try to brush your teeth using fluoridated toothpaste after consuming heavy amounts of dairy. It’s the only way to egg-spell the smell. 


It’s not just the family favourite pasta sauce that’s the culprit here; any tomato-based sauce can lead to increased chances of having bad breath.

Tomatoes are another acidity fruit you should avoid. You can prevent bad breath in the same ways previously mentioned by preventing acid reflux.

That said, you can also keep a glass of water handy next time you’re eating spag-bol and sip on it to wash away the acidic bacteria while you eat. 

Peanut Butter

Avoiding peanut butter might not be ideal if you’re go-to snack is a PBJ sandwich. However, you should reconsider your options. 

Peanut butter is very protein-rich. Unfortunately, bacteria that causes bad breath loves protein. That protein provides a haven for bacteria to thrive and will cause lousy breath quicker than you can say Reece’s Pieces. 

If you can’t resist a peanut buttery snack, try brushing more regularly or even better, chew gum straight afterwards.


Surprise! Coffee is an obvious cause of bad breath, but do you know why?

Coffee dries out your mouth. This results in less saliva, which in turn results in bad-smelling bacteria being able to linger in your mouth longer. 

It’s gross but true. Try chewing gum or hydrating with some water while you’re getting your next caffeine fix to avoid your breath smelling. 

When To See A Professional

If you take extra measures to avoid bad breath but are still burdened by odour when you speak, it could be a result of something other than the food you’re eating.

It might be nothing serious. However, it could be a mild case of gingivitis which, when untreated, can turn into more severe periodontitis. 

Call Wooodborough House today to book your consultation with our friendly team and find out if you could benefit from professional solutions for bad breath. 


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