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We saw a lovely little 4 year old today, who came in a couple of weeks ago as she had a little knock in the mouth with mum. She was playing around with mum when little one accidentally bumped her two front teeth on mums head. Mum said it was quite a knock! Bless her, she was very brave even though there was a bit of bleeding. We examined her, took a radiograph, and even took some pictures using our intra-oral camera so both parents and patient could see what had happened. Apart from a bit of bleeding and a fat lip, she was ok but we wanted to review her, and the tooth, after a weeks time.

Today was the review appointment. The fat lip had gone but the the tooth was still slightly mobile and it had actually started to discolour slightly. We have the great advantage of having Raquel, our Endodontist, working here at WH. We wanted to get her professional opinion on treatment of this tooth, so we were able to email xrays and photos to her so we can decide the best treatment for this little girls front tooth. We will be reviewing our little patient for the next few weeks. I think this doesn’t bother her as she gets spoilt with stickers and goodies for being such a good girl every time she comes! I will keep you updated on the treatment and outcome :-)

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