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Hi! My name’s Leah and I am one of the receptionists here at Woodborough House, in Pangbourne. I’ve been at the practice for nearly two and a half years now, which I must say has flown by… I’ve loved it!

I work alongside Lauren, who is our other receptionist and also Clinical Administrator – she’s great!

Our job roles are very varied. Together we manage front of house, welcoming patients as they walk through the door. We deal with new patients and existing patients who have enquiries about the practice, treatments etc., we book appointments for our patients and we then keep on top of the daily tasks that need to be carried out for the running of the practice – and believe me there is a lot! :)

As I said above, Lauren is our Clinical Administrator so when we get a quiet moment on the desk (which is very rare!) she helps with the clinical side of things, as she is also a qualified dental nurse. It’s always good to have someone that can do a bit of everything! :)

Woodborough House is a very busy practice so there are always plenty of things to do and each day is always very different! I think that’s why I like it so much (and of course, getting to know the different patients that walk through the door). Working at Woodborough House is very rewarding, you see patients that are very nervous and overcome their fears of the dentist, patients who have treatment and it changes their life.  Knowing you have played a part in their patient journey, no matter how small it is, is a great feeling!

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