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A Trip to the ITI World Symposium 2017

There were a number of intriguing talks and seminars across the three day event with lectures on robotics, implant techniques, regenerative treatments and a whole host of other technically detailed and leading-edge Prosthodontic interventions.

Of course it wasn’t all lectures and cups of coffee, on the Friday night leading implant group Straumann hosted a Symposium party ensuring there was ample time for long-lost dental colleagues and friends to catch up. Perhaps the most intriguing of speakers was Prof. Kevin Warwick, a renowned cybernetics researcher specialising in artificial intelligence, robots & cyborgs. In his fascinating lecture Prof. Warwick considered to what degree it might be possible to integrate biological cells into robots and in turn connect humans to a computer.

Events like these invigorate and inspire the thousands who attend them and you can be sure that Nick came away with a wealth of ideas of his own that will no doubt form the basis of implant techniques of the future.

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