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“All I want for Christmas is my front teeth”

We have made one of our 17 year old patients happy this week, by giving him a new front tooth for Christmas (excuse the pun). Like many teenage boys, he is very keen on contact sports, and unfortunately due to a sporting injury he managed to knock and chip his front tooth. Due to the accident, the front tooth started to become painful and discolour, and Raquel had to perform Root Canal Treatment on his front tooth. After this, we started to prepare a new front crown for him, as the tooth needed to be protected. After a couple of trips to see us, several impressions and “trimming” of the tooth, we were able to fit his new crown. What a difference it has made!! He even took a trip to our laboratory for a custom shade, so we were able to match the colour and appearance of the tooth exactly. He has walked out of the practice smiling again, due to a brillant crown. Let’s hope he remembers that mouth guard now when playing sport!!

If you have questions regarding cosmetic dentistry, crowns, root canal, or mouth guards for sports, please ask your dentist or our team. We will be happy to help.

1 thought on ““All I want for Christmas is my front teeth”

  1. some people believe that benefits of a root canal treatment don’t last. This is owing to consequent breaking of teeth after treatment. According to veteran dental experts, this is not the treatment failure but rather the failure in restoration or construction of tooth. Breakage mainly happens to those who fail to get crowns. Therefore, the benefits can last long.

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