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It has been a busy Saturday morning today at the practice. We have had all the kids in Today! Sen has been educating them in how to look after their teeth and keep the clean. He has also been explaining the benefits of fissure sealants. The fissures in our teeth are a great place for bacteria to hang out. They are difficult to keep clean, making them more at risk of developing decay. Fissures can be sealed with a plastic runny material. When the material is set, it helps protect the fissures from decay. The sealants can be tooth coloured or see-through making them almost invisible to the eye. They can last for years, but if they fall out or wear your dentist can “top them up”. I’m getting on now, and mine are still there from when I was a child!

Our general dentist can discuss with you, if your children need fissure sealants. If you have any questions regarding sealants then please feel free to ask your dentist or any of the team. If the kids are happy, we are all happy :-)

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