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Everyone knows how essential it is to have a good night’s sleep.  A lack of sleep can lead to poor overall performance, an inability to concentrate, poor memory, sexual problems, headaches and even depression. When you or your partner is a heavy snorer, it can not only disturb your own sleep, but it can also be a sign of concern.

Snoring can be a sign of poor quality sleep and sometimes it can be caused by something more serious – Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). Snoring is common in approximately 45% of men and 30% of women and OSA is thought to affect 4% of the population with only an estimated 10% receiving treatment for it. It is caused by narrowing of the airways during sleep.

Those with OSA are 15% more likely to suffer from the following:

– Heart Failure

– Diabetes

– Coronary Heart Disease

– Systemic and Pulmonary Hypertension

– Cerebral Vascular Accidents

– OSA has also been known to be misdiagnosed as diabetes and hypertension.

Treatments for Snoring and OSA:

1)    Behaviour modifications i.e. weight loss, lower alcohol intake before sleeping, quitting smoking and avoiding sleeping on your back

2)      Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

3)      Mandibular advancement splints

4)      Surgery

Of all the above options, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is gold standard but expensive and cumbersome. Mandibular advancement splints (MAS) is a good option and relatively inexpensive. It works by posturing the lower jaw forward and prising it slightly apart, thereby opening the airway and allowing for a good flow of air.

An appropriately trained dentist can provide MAS, screening for more serious OSA and if present, refer you to a sleep clinic for further treatment.

Here at Woodborough House, Dr Sen Senthil can help you to diagnose your snoring problem and develop the right treatment for you. A highly qualified dentist with experience of treating snoring and sleeping disorders, Sen will help you to breathe easy and to sleep easy too.

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