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Best wishes to the newly weds

We spent a lovely, sunny, Sunday helping celebrate our dentist Sen’s wedding this weekend. A few of us travelled to his neck of the woods, to help celebrate their marriage. The venue was amazing, Sen and Suba both looked gorgeous, and the whole event was great. Sen didn’t look too impressed when i stood up during the ceremony to give him a big wave. I just wanted him to know we were there to support him 😉 We all had a lovely day. Nick was deaf in one ear from the music as we were sat right near the speaker, Pauline stole a banana (she claims she was hungry) and I was so busy stuffing my face with the gorgeous food that i spilt it down my dress. Good times!

We want to wish all the best to Sen and Suba for the future. I hope they will be having a fab time on their honeymoon. Im sure he wont be reading my blog while he is sunning himself on a beach somewhere glamourous, so I can admit…………………..I do miss him a bit already. See you soon Sen x

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