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Do you avoid smiling for fear of your crooked or crowded teeth? Perhaps you worry about how it looks when you smile, but are feeling uncertain of how to fix it. You know that braces would probably be the answer, but you don’t want to have to wear ‘train tracks’ or a mouth full of metal for fear of embarrassment.

The Inman Aligner is an orthodontic appliance which can help. It straightens teeth by a bar which sits either side of teeth, asserting pressure to straighten them. It is ideal for simple cases, but an orthodontist will be able to confirm your suitability. The advantage of this form of orthodontics is that it quickly moves teeth and it is also removable, so you won’t have to wear it on a night out or on special occasions if you don’t want to.

Very good results have been seen as a result of using the Inman Aligner, particularly with correcting front teeth.  Many patients have also found the Inman Aligner to be less painful than fixed orthodontic appliances which create that ‘train track’ effect. Other benefits of the appliance include less appointments because the Inman Aligner is a removable appliance, which in turn also makes it easier to clean your teeth.


You can prepare for this treatment, as with any kind of orthodontics, by carrying out a good dental hygiene regime to ensure your oral hygiene is excellent. An appointment with a hygienist is also advised every 3 months whilst you are in treatment.

A lot of people fear a brace will restrict their everyday activities. Whilst the Inman Aligner has to be removed during eating, it can however be left in whilst you are drinking.


There are small risks involved with any form of teeth straightening treatment. With the Inman Aligner it can feel slightly uncomfortable whilst the teeth are moving, this is due to the slight mobility of the teeth whilst in treatment. Gaps can also form between teeth which are like little black triangles, this is where the gum can recede a little, creating a ‘black triangle’ effect.

Long term results

As with any brace, teeth are prone to relapse if a retainer isn’t worn. A retainer must be worn for life, otherwise the teeth will revert back to their original position, otherwise known as a relapse. This can be fixed permanently and bonded onto the back of the teeth or a removable retainer can be worn, reducing to nightly wear after a certain period of time.

Here at Woodborough House, Dr Mark Hughes is the primary cosmetic dentist who can help to determine if the Inman Aligner is the right choice of orthodontic treatment for you. If you’re interested, please give us a call on 0118 984 3108 to book a consultation.

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