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Dental drugs? Just ask for some oral sedation

oral sedation woodborough house


Feeling nervous about visiting the dentist for your next appointment? Maybe you feel uncertain of what will happen and are thinking twice about actually attending. Don’t worry, visiting the dentist isn’t as draconian as it used to be! Infact there are more reasons than ever to visit the dentist.

Nervous patients can now be offered dental sedation to help them feel completely relaxed and at ease, so they’re not aware of anything that’s going on during the procedure. There are many benefits to this, some of which include that it allows the patient to relax. It also allows their treatment to be tailor made to each individual so that over time less and less sedative needs to be given until the patient becomes completely comfortable with the treatment. There is also another benefit to this which is that it’s quick and easy to administer and can help patients to overcome their fear of undertaking complex dental treatments.

At Woodborough House, we offer dental sedation in the form of an oral sedative or intravenous injection where necessary. This kind of sedation is ideal for nervous patients as it instantly helps them to relax and feel better able to cope with the dental treatment with which they are about to receive.


There are virtually no risks if dental sedation is managed and administered appropriately. It simply helps the patient to feel relaxed and overcome their fears, so you should feel as relaxed as any non-nervous patients do. We understand that some patients understandably feel nervous and need time to think about coming for a dental appointment. If you’re thinking about dental sedation then you should make sure you see a dentist who is prepared to give you the time you need, who will listen to all your fears and put a plan together to get you dentally fit and to alleviate your fears so that you can go forward with dental treatment.

What kind of sedative do you use at Woodborough House?

Oral sedation is the preferred alternative here at Woodborough House because it involves taking a sedative pill with some water around one hour before the procedure. This form of sedation is the easiest for most patients and lasts for around 16-24 hours.  There are many forms of dental sedation but there are very few cases where sedation is not suitable. It is really just a case of administering the right one according to the patient’s needs.

Many of our patients love the fact we offer dental sedation as it makes the dental procedure less daunting overall. It also means that patients are more likely to return to the practice and recommend Woodbrough House to their friends and family. For some patients it gets to a point where they feel so comfortable at the practice no sedation is required at all!

For more information about dental sedation, why not give us a call on 0118 984 3108 and one of our team will be happy to assist you.

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