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There are many trends in dentistry that don’t go away like teeth whitening or getting braces. But these trends help you get a happy and healthy smile, so which trends are bad for your smile?

Perhaps we rely too heavily on TikTok and Instagram influencers to tell us what we should be doing with our smiles. Or is it that we don’t know enough about what’s good and bad for our smile in the first place?

Getting dental can be rewarding when done by a professional, but if online tips, tricks and trends have tempted you, you might want to think twice about trying them at home.

Teeth Filing

Filing your teeth was recently all the rage on TikTok. It got so popular that some influencers were even flogging their brand of ‘tooth file’. No one’s sure exactly where or how the TikTok trend got started, but it has had a significant impact on the people who tried it.

If we really need to point it out – filing your teeth is highly destructive, and you should never do it. You can not only erase the protective layers your teeth need to stop sensitivity, but you could also seriously damage the surface of your teeth irreversibly.

Filing your teeth will only cause more harm than good and could even result in costly rescue treatment from your dentist. If the thought of filing down your own teeth makes you cringe, good. Don’t do it.

At-Home Whitening

At-home or over the counter whitening kits have often been the bane of a dentist’s life. That’s because they’re often super damaging to your teeth’s enamel and have little to no impact on the shade of your smile. 

There’s a reason dentists recommend professional treatments, and it’s nothing to do with them making money. Dentists care about the health of your smile, so when we say you shouldn’t buy over the counter whitening treatments, here’s why.

One of the main chemicals in whitening products is hydrogen peroxide, and it’s one of the main bleaching agents included. It’s harmless when used in the correct dosage but can severely impact your enamel when misused.

Legally, over-the-counter whitening kits aren’t permitted to include more than 0.1% concentration of hydrogen peroxide. That’s because there are no restrictions on how many times someone can use it at home, and it could cause their smile some serious damage.

It’s thought that a whitening product would need at least 4% concentration to impact the shade of your teeth. Professional whitening treatments can legally include up to 7% concentration. That’s because professional te=reatments come with the exact amount of product you need with professional advice on how to use it, so you’re not putting your smile’s health at risk.

Ignoring The Trends

Being up to date with the latest trends isn’t a crime. But putting your teeth at severe risk of damage should be. That’s why at Woodborough House, we offer a range of solutions to the issues you’re facing with your smile. 

Let our friendly team help you pick the right treatments for your smile, from whitening to orthodontics, even oral surgery. With our skilled team, we can help you reach your dream smile. Call our surgery now. 

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