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Everything You Need To Know About The Wand

Around 10% of the UK population suffers from some kind of needle phobia, while 53% of us suffer from dental phobia. Looking past the extremes of being needle of dental phobia, many more of us are on the spectrum of fear when it comes to needles, injections, and the dentist.

That’s why, for so many, needing an injection from the dentist is the worst nightmare scenario. So, what can you do to overcome it? Well, for many, the answer has been the wand.

What’s The Wand?

The wand is a new and innovative device that helps patients receive anaesthetic without an injection. The whole process is entirely painless, and you can sit back and relax while you undergo that vital dental care.

Injections are often only painful due to the sudden burst of fluid being injected and not the needle itself. The sensation of anaesthetic being injected at a fast pace can feel like stinging. Many people’s fear comes from as they associate the pain with the overall experience.

The wand is connected to a CompuDent system. The actual device itself is a needle shaped almost like a pen. The two elements work together to control the speed and flow of anaesthetic as it enters your bloodstream. As a result, there’s no stinging sensation at all with the Wand.

What Does The Wand Do?

The wand lessens the chances of numbness around your face, lips, cheeks and tongue so you can be more comfortable after your treatment.

The Wand was invented as a solution for people who are fearful of injections. In dental care, injections are pretty compulsory since anaesthetic is regularly required during treatment.

That’s why many dentists all over the UK are turning to the Wand to help their nervous patients get through their treatment in comfort. Plus, the Wand looks different to a needle, so needle phobics should be less triggered by its appearance as it seems far less intimidating.

The CumpuDent system controls the flow and speed of the anaesthetic, which is, in turn, controlled by the dentist. So, you’ll be constantly informed of what’s happening and feel like you have much more control over the situation than you would if you were receiving a regular injection.

Anyone can receive treatment using the wand. From children to older patients, anyone who feels nervous about receiving an injection can benefit from the Wand from children to older patients.

How Can I Get Treated With The Wand?

Not all dentists use the Wand in their treatments. If you’re nervous about potentially receiving an injection at your next dental appointment, double check that your dentist has access to the Wand.

For less intimidating, effective and pain-free dental in Reading, call Woodborough House today and talk to our friendly team about how we can help you overcome your nerves and get you on track to your dream smile.