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Exam time for Lo and Jay!

OPG x-ray

As many of you will know both myself and my colleague Jay were studying for our radiography exam back in March time. This enables us to take x-rays for patient’s under a dentist’s prescription. There is so much to take in and remember it is unbelievable.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to pass first time around so on the 19th September we are both resitting the exam! All of the course work has been handed in so the practical side is complete. We both passed this part with flying colours. Revision has been a high priority over the last few weeks and will continue up until the exam date.

So many atoms and angles to remember, it all gets so confusing. All of the dentists and staff are very supportive of us though. If there is ever anything that we do not understand we can approach them with ease and they will take the time to explain to us.

I personally struggle with exams and revision I find it very hard to keep motivated studying at home on my own, I prefer having a group to discuss things with. I have allocated 30mins in the evening to have a look through our revision books and log on to the online quizzes this is long enough to take in the specific information, without being overwhelmed. Our mock exam is next week so it will be good to know which parts of the radiography I will need to work harder on. Hopefully there won’t be too many!

I will keep you updated on our results, hopefully next time you attend the practice it could be myself or Jay talking the x-rays for you!


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