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Technology is always evolving in all areas of life. Dentistry is no exception to this. The materials we use are becoming so much more life- like and aesthetically pleasing, allowing us to provide instant solutions for badly broken down teeth.

Composite, a tooth shade filling material, is just one of those pieces of technology that just keeps improving. With a better understanding of how the tooth is structured in layers, dental material companies are able to put research into creating much more authentic shades of material specific for reconstruction of teeth. This in turn enables the dentist to be able to match the filling with the shade of the tooth present, creating an almost perfect colour match.

The following example shows just how real the new materials look:

A Young woman came into the practice having broken her tooth at lunchtime. Understandably she was very upset as this was her front tooth and was worried about whether to tooth could be saved. As always we try to accommodate patient’s needs and I was able to see this patient the same day.

As you can see from this picture the tooth had a fairly major fracture.

#tooth sensblog

By using composite bonding, a technique which involves slowly building up the tooth with different shade composite layer by layer, we were able to restore the tooth in just 40 minutes – providing a durable and aesthetic solution to her broken tooth in a single appointment.

repaired toothsensblog

I always like to provide my patients with the best possible dental treatment. The shade of composites now available to me has enabled me to build this tooth up in such a way that you would never have known it was broken.

Needless to say a very happy patient left my surgery that evening.


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