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Whiten your teeth for the Wedding Season


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I’d had my teeth whitened after my braces were taken off a couple of years ago and loved the results – it really was the icing on the cake after wearing braces for over a year – my smile had been totally transformed! So when I was offered the chance to have my teeth whitened for my wedding I was delighted – I knew it would give me a little bit more confidence for the special day.

teeth whitening

I used the Take-Home Whitening Kit, and as I already had the moulds from my previous treatment it was just a case of popping the trays in before I went to bed and taking them out in the morning. I did this every evening of the week leading up to the wedding and could see a noticeable difference every morning. It didn’t go unnoticed either – I even had a friend who complimented me on my teeth before she did my wedding dress!

I would definitely recommend this to any brides who want to look and feel at their most beautiful for their wedding day – I was smiling in confidence the entire day!

 If you would like to whiten your teeth for the wedding season call 0118 984 3108



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