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Will It Be A White Christmas This Year?

Looking good for the camera will be more important than ever for some of us this year. Many of us are gearing up to spend Christmas 2020 in front of a screen instead of with our nearest and dearest.

Naturally, everyone is looking for the best way to perfect their ‘Zoom Face’ in time for the holidays. Where better to start than at your smile?

Having a brighter, whiter smile is something we all desire, but the process doesn’t have to be a burden on your Christmas plans this year.

There are ways to approach getting a better smile without damaging your teeth. Here’s our advice.

Stop Trying Shop Bought Products

Over-the-counter whitening products may seem convenient, but they’re a nightmare for your teeth. With the promise of fast results to give you a glowing smile, they’re very damaging and should be avoided. 

Your smile could indeed be temporarily whiter from the use of shop-bought products, but the future of your teeth hangs in the balance once you’ve exposed them to the harsh chemicals included in them. 

The Enemy of Enamel

You’ve probably heard that home whitening kits are bad for the enamel on your teeth – and it’s true. Hydrogen peroxide is the chemical that, when misused, can do permanent damage to your gums.

It’s the reason home-whitening kits aren’t allowed to be made to contain more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. 

Experts have concluded that this amount of hydrogen peroxide isn’t enough to make a difference to the colour of your teeth. So, not only are home whitening kits potentially dangerous, they’re pretty ineffective.

Staying Professional

Professional teeth whitening techniques and materials involve up to 6% hydrogen peroxide. This is only an acceptable level of hydrogen peroxide when it’s in the hands of professionals. 

No one who isn’t qualified should be undertaking any teeth whitening treatments – even beauticians can’t whiten your teeth. 

So, now the importance of having a trusted professional to perform teeth whitening treatments is evident, how can you access professional treatment?

Whiting The Wrong at Woodborough House

There are various methods and brands to choose from when it comes to professional teeth whitening. Here at Woodborough House, we only provide the best. 

Our expert-led team only provide quality services using quality products. That’s why we’ve chosen Enlighten to give you your brightest smile.

Enlighten combines the efficacy of clinical treatment with at-home whitening techniques for your convenience. You’ll receive a custom-made dental tray to ensure the treatment gel can effectively activate its whitening properties.

You’ll be able to wear your bespoke dental tray at your convenience in the privacy of your home with minimal check-up appointments. You’ll never want to use a home-whitening kit again.

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