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I hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather we have been having over the last couple of weeks!

I have been making the most of the warm weather with my horses, although I have to say that I am not very good when it comes to hot weather in the UK. The humidity kills me, any heat above about 24 degrees Celsius has me melting and wishing for a swimming pool to appear wherever I am!

So on a recent Sunday I headed up about 9am to make sure the horses were all okay before it got too hot. I decided that as it was going to be a hot day I would bring my big horse in for a few hours relief from the flies, so by the time I had got everything ready for her (I was dawdling) it was just gone 10am. By this time it was getting hot and after a drive to the shops and back (for horse stuff) I was starting to melt – the day was passing quickly. The heat seemed to be never ending. At this point I was praying for a swimming pool!

Luckily where my horses are located is just a 5 minute walk to the river Pang in Bradfield so I thought that’s it I am going to go swimming… I fetched my small pony from the field and marched her down to the river, took my shoes and socks off and we both climbed in!

My goodness it was cold but very refreshing!! We waded around in the river for a while before heading home – the unfortunate thing as with any river is that there is a rather steep hill to climb up to get home and by the time I got back it was hot again.

I arrived back to the stables and a couple of my friends thought that it was a good idea, so I took my big horse and they took theirs down to the river, where we were sat on-board our horses this time. This was great because it meant we could go further up the river to the deeper parts.

What a great day it was in the end despite the heat (which I shouldn’t moan about). Here are a few pictures of us all enjoying the river!

Vie in river 1&2

If the weather continues to stay warm over the next few weeks I hope to go down to Wales to see my cousin and go to the beach – I will keep you updated!

Here at Woodborough House we have been very grateful for the air conditioning keeping everyone cool whilst working – and the patients have been too! However, with Nick and Sarah coming from New Zealand they keep laughing at us looking like melted ice cream in the hot weather.

Why not let us know what you have been up to in the warm weather?

Lo :)

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