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How Much do You Really Know About Dental Implants?

Dr Nicholas Fahey BDS (Otago) 1994, MCLIN DENT (UCL)2002, FRACDS (Syd)2004, MRD RCS (Ed)2004, MFDS RSC (Eng)2005. GDC No. 72857
Dr Nicholas Fahey BDS (Otago) 1994, MCLIN DENT (UCL)2002, FRACDS (Syd)2004, MRD RCS (Ed)2004, MFDS RSC (Eng)2005. GDC No. 72857

Dental Implants are now commonly used throughout the world to replace teeth. They are the number one way to replace a tooth as they stand independent and therefore you are not compromising healthy teeth to fill in a gap.

Dr Nick Fahey is a specialist Prosthodontist and is one of very few registered specialists throughout the UK. Dr Fahey is very experience at placing dental implants and takes great pride in using the most advanced technology to make the experience of having a dental implant placed a precise and pain free experience.

Placing a dental implant successfully and in the right place takes a lot skill, and research and it is not something that should be done by just anyone.

It is very important when considering having a dental implant placed, that you do your research as a patient. Word of mouth recommendation is always the best. Knowing someone who has had a dental implant placed successfully will give you confidence to visit that particular dentist. If you are the first of your friends and family to undertake a dental implant placement, it can be scary. Big glamorous websites are not always the ones to go for. Make sure the website has lots of information about dental implants. Patient testimonials are always good to read through and check the latest dates on them as well, the more recent they are the better. Check out the success rate for the dentist and don’t be afraid of asking these questions should you attend for a consultation. Check there qualifications, are they registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) as a specialist?

Ask for information about the type of dental implant being placed. Do your research on this as well, there are many dental implant manufactures available to dentists. Make sure you find a dentist that places reputable dental implants. After all if you are going to spend the money you want it to be a lifetime investment.

Don’t be put off by prices. Although it would seem that some places are much pricier, there is usually a good reason for this. Many places offer dental implant placement at what seems a very reasonable fee of £1500-£2000. However this doesn’t always include extras such as the x-rays taken, CT scans and the crown placement after the dental implant has been placed. Also, the top dental implant systems cost more than there cheaper copies and the laboratory that make the crown with vary in cost and quality. At the consultation ask what the fee quoted includes, you don’t want to be caught out half way through treatment.

The experience of having a dental implant placed should not be one of fear. An experienced clinician and Practice should make the whole procedure seem like a breeze. As long as the right research is done and you get an expert to place the implant, it should last you a lifetime.

If you would like to know more information about dental implant placement please don’t hesitate to contact the reception team on 0118 984 3108.



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