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Dental care is an investment. Anything regarding your health is essential, but you can make decisions to help you understand how and where your money is going. There are payment options, things to look out for and questions you should be asking to make sure you’re getting bang for your buck.

Treatment Care Coordinators

At practices like Woodborough House, you’ll receive a fully bespoke treatment plan to solve whatever issues you’re facing. Your treatment plan will be comprehensive, and each step will have different costs reflecting the intensity of the treatment you’ll receive. You should always get an estimate before starting any treatment.

To get the very best out of your treatment, you should check that the surgery you’re visiting has Treatment Care Coordinators. Treatment Care Coordinators will help you understand your treatment and will make sure you’re fully informed from start to finish.

Not every dental surgery will have dedicated team members for looking after you throughout your treatment; that’s why it’s essential to check. More importantly, Treatment Care Coordinators will help you understand the costs of each part of your treatment plan. Hence, you’re fully aware of precisely what you’re paying for and lessens the risk of overpaying for treatments you don’t need.


You can become a member of Denplan to help cover the cost of your dental care. Denplan Membership is an affordable way to budget for the cost of your routine exams, checkups and hygiene requirements via an easily managed monthly fee.

Your dentist will consider the costs of possible treatments based on your oral health level and then tailor your plan to suit you.

Denplan’s supplemental insurance includes emergency and out of hours treatment, too, so you can stay calm when disaster strikes. It also provides worldwide emergency cover. 

Do It Right

Heer at Woodborough House, our team can provide you with full details of all the benefits and advantages that Denplan membership offers, finance plans, and you can chat with our Treatment Care Coordinators to see which option suits you. 

For bespoke treatment from a dentist that cares, call Woodborough House today.

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