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We have all been very busy here at Woodborough house over the last few months. We have seen lots of new patients and continue to have many referrals from outside practices in the area for specialist treatment. Therefore I thought it would be nice to share with you some information about both our general dentists and our in house specialists.

Sarah Fitzharris

Sarah Fitzharris

Let’s make a start with Dr Sarah Fitzharris. Sarah the principle general dentist and owner of Woodborough House Dental Practice. Sarah is a GDC (General Dental Council) registered dentist who gained her qualification whilst in her home country New Zealand back in 1991. Since moving to the UK in 1995 Sarah has worked at a variety of practices mainly in and around London before moving to the countryside and purchasing her own practice. Sarah is an experienced dentist who love meeting new patients, she enjoys being able to help nervous patients overcome their fear in the dental chair. She endeavours to provide patients with the best possible treatment plans for patients to maintain their dental needs into the future.

Sen Senthil

Sen Senthil

I then move on to Dr Sen Senthil. Sen joined our team in 2008 and is also a GDC registered dentist. Sen gained his qualifications at Guys hospital in London back in 2005. Sen is an associate general dentist here at Woodborough House Dental Practice. Alongside his general dentistry, Sen also provides Invisalign (Invisible Braces) for patients. This is a great option if you want your teeth straighten without having the traditional ‘train track’ look. You may also have seen him on TV. He aired in a sensodyne tooth paste advert back in 2013.

I addition to our general dentists we also have 3 GDC registered specialists here at Woodborough House dental practice, each of them has a different speciality. These are the dentists that outside practices in the surrounding areas will refer patients to us for more complex treatment.



Nick Fahey

Firstly we have Dr Nick Fahey. Nick is a GDC registered prosthodontist who gained his specialist qualification in 2002. A prosthodontist means a dentist that specialises in anything that involves dental prosthetics. This can be anything from providing a new denture or single crown to full mouth restorations and implant placement. Nick likes to be ahead of the game when it comes to digital dentistry so with computer guided dental implant placement, our very own CBCT scanner (3D x-ray machine) and our iTero intraoral scanner, it means we can provide our patients with a dental experience that is straight forward and stress free. Nick shares his time between our practice and Harley Street Dental Studio in London spending 3-4days a week here and 1 day a week in London.


Kuljeet Mehta

Next we have Dr Kuljeet Mehta. Kuljeet is a GDC registered Periodontist who gained his specialist qualification in 2002. A periodontist means a dentist that specialises in gums. Kuljeet spreads his time our between a number of practices including lecturing periodontal students at guys hospital in London. Kuljeet works at our practice every Friday. He provides treatment to patients that have gum disease. Gum disease is silent disease most patients don’t even know they have. It slowly erodes the bone away from around the teeth causing them to become loose and uncomfortable. The key is to catch it early and it can then be stabilised with a periodontist which is where Kuljeet comes in. He will clean away the bacteria that erode the bone and show patients techniques they can use at home to gain better oral hygiene. You know all those times we ignore our dentists after they tell us to floss…


David Jones

And last but not least we have Dr David Jones. David is a GDC registered Endodontist who gained his specialist qualification in 2014. This means that he specialises in Root Canal Treatment (RCT). I know everyone has heard horror stories about having dreaded RCT however, it is much more straight forward than it sounds and completely pain free! RCT’s are very difficult to treat successfully which is why Woodborough House decided to have an Endodontist on the team. Each tooth has nerve canals that run through the roots of the tooth and when these become upset they can cause patients a lot of tooth ache! David’s job is to open the tooth (just like having a filling) and using an 8x magnifying microscope, find and clean out these tiny never canals. This removes the nerves and causes the pain to stop.

There can be up to 6 nerve canals in your large molar teeth and some of them cannot be seen with the human eye, hence the need for the magnification. If just one of these canals was left unfilled this can cause pain to reoccur at a later date. Once David is confident that he has cleaned the nerve canals thoroughly he then refills the canals with a rubber based material and closes the tooth up. David’s job is to do RCT’s all day every day for patients so he is very experienced which is what you want when seeking this type of treatment.

Altogether we have an outstanding team of dentists here at Woodborough House each with individual skills and friendly characters. They are all happy to share knowledge between them which means together you couldn’t be in safer hands!

If you would like to know more about any of the dentists and or the treatment that we provide at Woodborough House Dental Practice please don’t hesitate to visit our website ,or call our friendly reception team on 0118 984 3108

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